offers highly qualified legal advice in the field of business planning for the development of its clients – trade enterprises, companies, associations, foundations, chambers and others. Our experience in privatization and public-private partnership in the implementation of projects of significant local and foreign investors is considerable.

Our activities include services in the areas listed below:

Preparation and registration of business companies, branches, sales offices;

Preparation of changes in the registration and legal form of companies, protection of membership rights. Representation in conducting meetings and negotiations between trading companies, their management bodies and other activities related to our clients’ activities and business intentions. Preparation of contracts for the acquisition, transfer, pledge of shares or shares of companies. Includes preparation of contracts for transactions in units or shares that are not traded on a regulated market (stock exchange);

Transformation of trading companies. Our experience in privatization deals and the acquisition of units and shares by privatized companies is extremely useful. Our consultations include mergers, divisions, unbundling of companies. The company has experience in the reorganization of commercial companies with state or municipal participation;

Termination of commercial companies, including carrying out the necessary analyzes and preparation of documents related to the liquidation of commercial companies. The law firm advises on issues related to the liquidation process, the choice of the liquidator, claims and claims of creditors, sale of property, distribution of property among partners, deletion from the commercial register;

Bankruptcy. Our consultations in this area include analysis of the financial status of debtors, preparation of documents for the initiation of bankruptcy proceedings, legal representation in court, securing the interest of our clients, whether as creditors or debtors; carrying out consulting activities in the preparation of recovery plans or distribution of debtors’ assets;

We assist our clients by registering non-profit legal entities and associations for private or public benefit;

Registration of foundations;

Consultations regarding the pursuit of the commercial activity of local and foreign individuals and legal entities, and assisting them in selecting forms of commercial activity. Advising on the selection of the most suitable company for carrying out a specific type of business activity, performing the activities of drafting, reviewing and concluding contracts and commercial transactions;

Preparation of contracts for associations of companies and persons in the form of civil companies / consortia /, registration of these companies in BULSTAT, support of the activity of civil companies with international interests in carrying out their activity in Bulgaria and in participation in public procurement, etc. .;

Consultations on securing trade receivables, consultations on collateral for transactions – pledge, mortgage, surety, entering into debt, drawing up notes on promissory notes and bills of exchange, consultations on loan or loan contracts;

Advice on issues of unfair competition, abuse of monopoly or dominant market position, unfair commercial practices, in accordance with the practice of the Commission on Protection of Competition. Includes legal opinion on issues related to the application or interpretation of the Law on Competition and Antitrust;

Advice on consumer rights issues, incl. for complaints and acts for the Consumer Commission Includes a legal opinion on issues related to the application or interpretation of the Consumer Protection Act;