has extensive experience in real estate, construction, regulatory plans. Our consultations on real estate matters include:

  • document review, property research, preparation of sales contracts, exchange, donation, transfer against maintenance and viewing obligation; use, right of construction, upgrade or modification, etc.;
  • inspection of notarial acts and other documents of ownership;
  • consultations on acquisition of real estate by the state or municipalities;
  • consultations for the acquisition of prescription properties;
  • Advice on mortgage establishment and foreclosure issues. Review of notarial acts for mortgages;
  • Advice on problems related to the implementation or amendment of real estate regulations or boundaries;
  • Consultations on current regulatory plans;
  • Consultations on the implementation of regulation;
  • Consultations on change of property boundaries with different plans;
  • Advice on protection against decisions to amend existing plans;
  • We assist our clients in concluding real estate transactions by attending meetings, negotiating the best terms for them, preparing preliminary contracts, negotiating with banks or others. institutions financing real estate transactions, we represent them in the notarial production, preparing all the necessary documents for the notarization of transactions, which guarantee the legality and security of our clients;
  • We provide legal representation in property cases, real estate division, disturbed possession, etc .;